The Project


Norte Site: Coyoles, La Hicaca & Lomitas: Located in the Department of Yoro area of Northern Honduras Brigade provides clinical services at 3 separate sites, including 2 rural sites with extremely poor access to healthcare; approximately 1,200 patients will be seen this year Multiple public health projects are active at this site, including an ongoing water filter project

Los Pinares: Located in one of the poorest areas of Honduras, there are 8 villages in the Pinares service area, only four of which can be accessed by the road year-round. We have our own clinic with a full-time nurse, a one-day per week doctor and a one-day per week dentist so that community members can receive care even when the brigades are not there. In Pinares, we partner with two other non-profit groups -- Shoulder to Shoulder, Inc. and the Thundermist Health Center. Here, in addition to providing medical care to the people of the surrounding villages, the students and professionals will work on public health projects which may include projects related to children's health and nutrition, clean water, improved cookstoves, and composting.

Paraiso, Dominican Republic: Located in the Villa Mella Barrio just north of Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic, this site is school-based and mobile clinic. This is Paraiso’s first year as an HOMBRE service site. The clinic will serving the local indigent population, including a general medical clinic based in the local school and a mobile field team
providing house calls and medical care outside of the central site. The Paraiso site is part of an ongoing community development project in collaboration with the College of William and Mary's Student Organization for Medical Outreach and Sustainability (SOMOS). In addition to providing medical care students and professionals will work to develop health promotion and chronic disease management programs.

Public Health

This year HOMBRE has placed a new emphasis on providing health education and conducting healthcare programs that the community can then adopt and sustain. We want to provide a service that benefits the community for the long-term and not just during the weeks of our mission trips. We strive to work closely with and listen to Honduran community to give the local community what it needs the most. Based on surveys taken last year to learn the communities' needs and concern, we are designing several public health programs to implement this year.

Student Preparation

HOMBRE student team members attend classes and seminars designed to educate and prepare them to travel to Honduras.

Global health
All team members are required to take a course on Global Health. This course aims to prepare students to treat patients in cross-cultural situation, and to open their eyes to international healthcare issues and cultural competency. Special focus is put on healthcare and culture in Honduras.

Medical Spanish
Team members also may take a Medical Spanish course. Medical Spanish helps students to review and improve Spanish grammar and conversational skills and focuses on medically-related vocabulary and communication.

In addition, students take a year-long course in the Foundations of Clinical Medicine. Here they learn how to skillfully perform physical exams and effectively interview and treat patients of all ages and backgrounds.

Gathering Funds & Supplies
   In addition to traveling to Honduras, the team spends most of the year working hard to put together the most organized and effective medical mission that we possibly can. To do this, we have been collecting pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, and first-aid and dental supplies from local physicians, individuals, and national pharmaceutical companies.
   We are always fundraising! The more funds we can raise for our trip, the more patients we can effectively treat in Honduras. We have a number of fundraisers in the works for this year, but bake sales can only take us so far. Our project relies heavily on donations from businesses and individuals who are interested in supporting the ideals and goals of HOMBRE’s mission.


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