Mission Statement:
The mission of HOMBRE is to improve the health of underserved communities in Honduras and other developing countries while enhancing the education of health professions students. Members of the Honduran communities we visit give us their trust, and in return receive quality care that is respectful of their personal values, beliefs and way of life. With close faculty supervision, our students contribute their knowledge, skills, and compassion to those in need, and in return gain confidence and personal insight.

Core Values:
The Board and members of HOMBRE believe that:

  1. Real improvements in the health of the underserved can be achieved through collaboration in sustainable partnerships with local communities and other like-minded organizations.
  2. Service to others is an integral part of what it means to be a health care
    professional. Members of HOMBRE gain invaluable experience through actively and intimately serving others.
  3. When visiting global communities, humility and respect are of utmost importance. We realize that during our trips we are the guests and we understand the importance of a culturally sensitive approach.
  4. Students learn best by doing. At all levels of the organization, students take on
    key leadership roles and, with appropriate mentoring, are responsible for the success of each project.
  5. It is our duty to ensure fiscal responsibility of the organization. We must provide a proper and transparent accounting for the use of funds, such that our donors, members, collaborators, and those we serve are able to trust us.
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